Furniture Hire considerations…..

Furniture Hire considerations…..

Furniture Hire considerations…..

Friday 9th September 2016

Its important to choose the right Furniture supplier.....

Planning a successful event or exhibition requires copious amounts of time, patience and vision alongside attention to detail and positive mental attitude. Attendees and exhibitors place their trust in your knowledge to provide the best possible platform for informing, trading and networking with others, but when you’re faced with the mammoth task of organising event, how important is choosing the right furniture hire company? The answer is… very!

The add-on services you offer to your clients reflect on you. Recommending a poor furniture hire company could suggest little effort went into selecting your suppliers. Things to consider when choosing your furniture hire company include:

Does your furniture supplier have a range of items? Each exhibitor tries hard to stand out in a crowded exhibition hall in order to make the most of their time. If your supplier can only offer a limited range of furniture, it may turn off some of your more outgoing exhibitors.

Does your furniture supplier have enough stock? All Furniture hire companies will jump at the chance to be your show official which may result in an ‘over promise and under deliver’ situation. Check your supplier holds enough stock to accommodate all of your exhibitors needs as hearing “we don’t have anything available” two weeks before the show isn’t good for anyone’s heart!

Are their staff approachable and accommodating? On the day of your event, which has taken months of planning, hard work and sleepless nights, your furniture hire company will be on site assisting with any issues or additional orders. Stress levels will almost be at maximum, and you will appreciate helpful staff in the event of any concerns.

To discuss how D-Zine can offer you a fantastic range of furniture along with piece of mind at your next event, call the new business team now on 01299 824100. To request a copy of our latest brochure, click here.